Daily Pick: 7 ways sharing stories creates communities

Social networks encourage the transmission of key attitudes and values that help communities build a common language, grammar and story to accelerate their impact. Because they are inspired by professionals and talents, members of communities on social networks develop projects that emphasize sharing and caring, building stories that resonate with a need to challenge growing global issues through collaboratively built knowledge.

1. It is about more than ourselves

For me, going home meant returning to the work of writing because writing was my home, because I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing, which is to say that I loved writing more than I loved my own ego, which is ultimately to say that I loved writing more than I loved myself. And that’s how I pushed through it.” Elizabeth Gilbert, TedTalk

2. Sharing beyond frontiers

“Alexandra Büchler, the founder of Literature Across Frontiers, a network designed to encourage cultural exchange, says the fact that the UK does not keep official statistics on translations is telling. Her research shows between 1990 and 2012, just 4 per cent of literary works published in the UK were translations, compared with 12 per cent in Germany, 16 per cent in France, 20 per cent in Italy and a third in Poland.” Andrew Jack, The Financial Times

3. Creating a common grammar

“In recent years, it has become common among linguists to suppose that there are semantic and syntactic universals underlying the apparent variety of human languages. These shared features of language are often explained as belonging to an innate universal grammar.” Alva Noé, NPR

4. Words to understand conflicts dynamics

“To manage a conflict effectively, you need to be extremely observant and be an effective listener.  The other party’s words must be captured in full detail.  All the movements, even a slight gesture, have to be observed with absolute attention.” John G Agno, Coaching Tip

5. Words to impact brands and businesses

“Your customers and prospects are stating their opinions and expectations online daily on multiple platforms, and this data can quickly have a positive impact on your bottom line if you mine, analyse and action it in the right way.” Sogeti

6. Books to care for others


“Created in 2007,  this NGO (Bibliothèque Sans Frontières, Library without frontiers) defends access to information, education, local culture promotion through opening and developing libraries. Books become a social link and support to populations suffering from high poverty and lack of education.”  Louise, Mmazette

7. Getting our voices heard


“It’s the digital age, and we are the media. Content marketing allows us to tell our own branded stories in our own voices. Are you telling your brand’s story?” Brooke Fury, Top Rank Blog

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