Daily Pick : 4 reasons why language affects creativity

Languages shape our technological and cultural environment, affecting our creativity and innovation capabilities. Today’s selection of ideas shared on WAI networks highlights four different ways language affects our creativity.

1. Foreign languages open new cultures

“In upper secondary education, 94% of all EU students will have English classes. Roughly 20% of students learn French or German while 18% will learn Spanish. Over half of all secondary school students in EU countries are required to learn at least two foreign languages”. Donald Ambrecht, World Economic Forum

2. Writing to express emotions

“The act of journaling on a regular basis, privately or in a public domain, allows for a cathartic release of emotions that is crucial to self-development and forward growth.” Peter Economy, INC

3. Words to go beyond statistics

“Similarly, when it comes to innovation, mechanical tools and creativity aren’t rivals, they’re bedfellows.  Creativity can kick off an innovation, which can then be shaped and refined with algorithms and statistical insight.  The tools can also go first, exposing the mind to patterns that trigger creative flashes. There’s a virtuous cycle between tradespeople and their tools.  Done right, each improves the other.” Thomas, Growth Science

4. Words and ideas as power given to the crowd

“The field of ideas is constantly in flux. New ideas are born and old ideas die, some ideas trend some don’t so on and so forth. There are reasons to believe that crowd capital generation will be a priority for firms for a long period of time.” Creative Commodum


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