Daily Pick: 3 ways to catalyze change through networks and communities

By creating communities and developing collaborative approach to change, innovators outline critical attitudes to innovate towards a better world. They encourage to trigger emotional strengths, team emulation and continuous learning. Innovation communities and organizations develop programmes which develops their value in their ecosystem while encouraging individual engagement. Three mains drivers to generate collaborative change are highlighted in our own communities today: Storytelling, Tech Clusters in Africa, and developing networks to unearth new ideas.

1. Storytelling

“Most importantly, we recognized that just telling people from the top down about their higher purpose would not succeed. We encouraged everyone—from our interns to our Chairman—to share their own stories about how their work is making a difference.” Bruce N Pfau, HBR

2. Tech Clusters in Africa

“But African culture is very relational and communal in nature. Given that clusters require strong knowledge-sharing and a level of trust between actors, I see no reason they wouldn’t thrive in South Africa. In fact, Kenya started down this path a few years back and is seeing strong success with the development of a tech hub near Nairobi [dubbed “the Silicon Savannah”]. Moreover, in a developing country context, some of the disadvantages of clusters in established markets — such as firms being overly focused on their existing products and technologies — may not be a disadvantage when the business environment has so much room for improvement.” Brett Gilbert for Christie Rizk, Strategy+Business

3. New ideas from networks


“Building and maintaining diverse networks, and tapping them to surface new ideas and opportunities, requires a significant investment of time and effort, but can be one of the most productive ways of continuously sourcing new ideas, while also building connections and support in the field.” Gabriel Kasper and Justin Maroux, SSIR

What other collaborative strategies would you suggest to change the world as global communities? Share your views to get daily picked on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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