Millennials: The Game Changing Generation ?

InnoTrends is a semantic analysis of specific trends as discussed and shared on WAI social networks. Over the last few weeks, we have investigated what makes the Generation Y so different in the eyes of innovation analysts, experts and practitioners.

While connectedness and sense of engagement is highlighted by business experts, society explains how we intend to develop new learning methodologies to empower younger generations. As a whole, the arrival of a technology savvy and information rich generation on labor and consumption markets seems to be an opportunity to develop new models, new approaches and new hopes to challenge world problems.

You can now access the end to end analysis in below video:

You can also download the slides from Slideshare :

Key highlights:

Hackathon, serious games, agility and pragmatic knowledge, society explores all possible ways to better engage with younger generations.

Businesses are increasingly investigating how to best define and address them. They understand they need to develop their presence on new media, but also question the benefits of developing products specifically for Millennials.

The economic and technological environment surrounding Millennials is an invite for innovation. With a high sense of engagement, younger generations hold the power to drastically change the world we live in.

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