InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

InnoTrends looks into the semantic and key themes developed by innovators from WAI social networks. It provides a view of the wording used to comment and analyze key developments occurring in the innovation world today. WAI has investigated a market driven dimension, socially driven dimension and technology driven dimension. Innovators are developing change at increasingly larger scales, supported by digital and Big Data. They are building the appropriate framework for disruption. But they face uncertainty and reluctance to change. Augmented Innovation is the global approach to bring all innovation information and efforts together in order to generate smarter, safer, sustainable and human centered impact.

What we say:

It has never been a better time to ask relevant questions. Innovators all agree: what we decide and act upon now will have repercussions for generations to come.

The foreseen impacts, driven by technology deployments for digital and data, reach unmatched records.

Innovation is regarded as a way to bridge these virtual objectives with concrete change.

What we ask:

«Drastic change is upcoming and we appear as unprepared for it. Our action right now is to best define and develop solutions to help this world get smarter, safer, sustainable. Technology developments and the rise of Data Science are augmenting our innovation impact. How do we make it good?»

You can also find the presentation on SlideShare:



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