Innovation Index: Hadoop, the turning point

You can now find the full Innovation Index for Hadoop: market attractiveness, business model maturity, infrastructure and support, in below presentation.

Key take aways


There seem to be a lack of reality understanding, and although this so-called reality might include a range of risks to assess, companies and researches tend to push towards greater development to create Big Data type of services that would result in higher benefits.

Strategies and development plans should take into account a tendency to “think twice” that might delay decision making for business stakeholders and put emphasis on messages shared with them which should reinsure and encourage new visions, new cultures to reach a Big Data and Hadoop sufficient level of readiness from market.

The need for better prevalent models and contingency plans proving there is a secure model to roll-out for sustainable growth is at its paradigm, with words such as “danger” continuing to accompany the “value, benefits, seamless” positive attributes which make up for the vast majority of terms.

Business Model

Most actors currently positioned in selling and/or developing Hadoop based services have opted for an open and flexible strategy to market and supporting business models (open innovation and partnerships)

The key point to bear in mind is the disruptive impact of Hadoop related activities, breaking up the value chains and  putting usage, therefore humans, at the center of it.

With the rising opportunity of creating self-developed applications and services, to be used either or both internally and externally, a few question marks remain on the actual opportunity that could be shared on the value chain.

Infrastructure and support

Analysts question the ability of organizations to support the roll-out of such solutions given the lack of specialized resources able to build Hadoop based solutions and the difficulty they have to adapt to new governance models.

The radical changes implied by Big Data and Hadoop to enterprises are such that a complete unlearning and relearning process needs to take place throughout organizations.

Although still under definition for the greatest part, the legal framework is starting to take action and protect end-users.

Hadoop Innovation Index

Hadoop Innovation Index
Hadoop Innovation Index

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