On The Go: “The Hungover Generation” – Raphaël Glucksmann

On the go is your innovation story inspired from elsewhere.


Raphaël Glucksmann, a French author, recently gave an interview to La Nouvelle Edition. In lights of the many social and ideological turmoils his generation is going through, he explains what, in his point of view, is the key missing element in our lost battle against reactionaries. The writer argues that we actually miss ideas. Beyond the fact that we can agree or disagree on political statements, the author is astoundingly, almost bluntly describing the extremely painful and emotive context that has led to dramatic terrorists attacks in Paris on January 7th and the following days at Charlie Hebdo and in a casher store. With a distant yet pragmatic speech, he points to facts, rings alarms, describes the ideological mechanisms that have led the extreme right, among other, to win on the ideas ground. With a technical tone and a hopeful conniving gaze, he draws the mostly probable pessimistic future ahead of us. His statement for the present is difficult. We have failed. The darkest sides of our human ideas are winning the race on the political and cultural sides. His statement for the future is simple. We need to fight back. We need to fight with ideas, new ideas, new speech. It’s time to be constructive, it’s time to accept failure. It’s time to move on.

His book, “Génération gueule de bois“, is a proposal to create a common speech through the analysis of a generation that despite social, economic and cultural differences, is eager to innovate with ideas. As the author says, “the only issue we have is that our silent marches are still too speechless. What raised on January 11th is going to collapse if we remain unable to put words into our ideas.” He is asking for a new ideology to follow the citizen momentum generated by Paris terrorist attacks. It’s all about finding words to define it. His speech is a vivid request for the rise of new patterns of thinking that unite us. Regardless of the various cultural and social backgrounds we all evolve in, we cannot let anti-cultural and closed mindedness win the debate so easily.

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