Innovate in 2015

Now a couple of months away from 2014, it’s time to have a look at what innovation is promised to be this year. This InnoTrends is relating science, business and technology experts view on innovation for 2015. A later article will look into schools, politics and society views. A last one will analyse press, consulting and analysis, innovation experts views for 2015.

Business Experts and Professional CommunitiesFalling in love with Big Data ?

On the Informatica blog, Murthy Mathiprakasam explains how “There’s a lot of talk about big data in the tech industry, but there isn’t a lot of understanding of how big data actually affects the real world“. As predicted for a now rather long time, the consumerisation of connected devices is altering human interactions. And it’s only just a start. Nick Sinai from Medium describes 2015 as the year of Chief Data Officers. As JOHN GREENOUGH explains for The Business Insider, “Now, the internet is expanding again — coming to all of the everyday devices found in our homes, businesses, and cities”. From a business point of view, this encourages SIMON GROS from Siècle Digital to explain how new business models will emerge from changing needs and priorities led by collaboration in 2015. And there is a crying need for change. Dana Sanchez from AFK Insider interviewed Harvey, CEO of PayGate from South African. Harvey says: “The sluggish job market in traditional corporates is driving a lot of young people to start their own businesses.” The good news is we are given a new set of tools to create solutions. And the people with it. Omar Akhtar from Altimeter Group mentions how “Facebook is comparable to a living room, with all your friends and relatives sitting in it, while YouTube is the public town square.”

 Science and Technology ExpertsA larger discussion going on

As Gartner mentions, ” about one in five vehicles on the road worldwide will have some form of wireless network connection by 2020, amounting to more than 250 million connected vehicles”. As Paul Miller from Gigaom remarks, “The adoption of cloud computing remains in a relatively early stage, and customers are keeping their options open“. As part of the 25 technologies trends that will affect 2015, Brian Solis mentions on Linkedin :”Crowd capitalization accelerates disruption…everywhere”. Nicole Miskelly writes for Bobsguide that “2015 may also be the year that biometrics are more widely used.” Gartner also highlights a high growth in mobile usage in 2015, with mobile data rising by 59 % over the year. Hence new analytics trends impacting big data as a science as shared by Thor Olavsrud from CiteWorld :


The challenge ahead

Presenting French start-ups from the CES in La Vegas, Roxanne Gintz from L’ADN straights that  smaller, smarter, faster might be better for 2015. Better, and more beautiful ? Lindsay Kolowich from HubSpot has identified new graphic trends for visual content in 2015. If not more beautiful, why not more sensible ? Gerry Roman from Marketing Think claims that “Companies need to think about how to leverage their thought leadership by separating it into multiple formats like video, LinkedIn posts, blogs and infographics – to win at the social selling, social business or content marketing.” Mike 2.0 from Smart Data Collective explains how: “MSPs need to craft a roadmap, something that will guide them through every step in the process. This isn’t just common sense; it saves on plenty of time and resources the further into the strategy you go.” Maybe 2015 should also be a year of common sense ? Including when it requires to challenge existing rules, call them 2014 rules. As Carol Wilson from The New IP suggests: “We have repeatedly heard how network operators want to break down the traditional silos that exist within their organizations and develop more horizontal structures. The dev-ops model represents one way of doing that, while also enabling new services to come to market more quickly and new iterations of those services to be continually in development. Most operators already aspire to this approach but 2015 will be the year they begin to put it into motion.”

Business experts are already working towards developing new models and tools to enable a faster change. Science and Technology experts see this new year as eventful is terms of disruptive usage, technologies, raising expectations. Companies measure the challenge from an infrastructure, structure and systemic network point of views. If not a year of disruptive change, 2015 is for sure widely seen as a year of great hope. 

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