We Are Innovation Because we are life artists

In our last post analysing innovation impact on society (The Disrupted Society) we talked about the new creativity that arises with diverted use of newly developed technologies. New creators are able to visualize and materialise an innovative form of arts, breaking open the doors of their imagination, taking us beyond. Connecting otherwise locked areas, sectors, methods, materials, they derive the core function of a technical tool which results in groundbreaking ideas. While they for sure are inspiring from an artistic and cultural point of view, they also help shaping the imaginary of societies as they open new opportunities to create, think, and see the world. The beauty of these arts combined with the Internet connectivity enables us to picture the world wondering, fearing, and perhaps, changing at last.


Find a punchline

Adele Peters from Fast Co-Exist stumbled upon an intriguing keyboard at the Istanbul Design Biennial.

Fast Co-Exist


A window on the Thames

On November 10th the Thames has offered a brand new view, as described by The Economist.

The Economist


Data Artists

Data flows and visualisation at the scale of million connections is art in itself, as TED shows in below video.


Playing with emotions

Animations get a minimalist lift, and make Casey Chan laugh on Gizmodo.


Playful science

Chan also lets us discover the movement of sound.


Good ideas

Art is also used to bring awareness. Snow White from Beauty Harmony Life has gathered a range of 25 ideas to recycle garbage into decorative items.

Beauty Harmony Life

Oldmammoth on DesignBoom outlines the responsible design of the IKEA table made from catalogues.

Design Boom

Arts and cultures offer a myriad of standpoints to consider a moment under different views. What message does it leave, if any? Is the artist playing us for fools, or is he or she trying to tell us we are not watching with the right lenses. Innovation requires that we sometimes drop our antique spectacles to admire present as unseen so far.

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