What’s your personal language?

On the go is your innovation story inspired from elsewhere.

I’ve started taking computer science online courses and have been through my first PYTHON lesson on Udacity. It is such a privilege to access all this knowledge and professionalism for free (a privilege for free… A nice paradox). Looking through my past experiences and reading through your many creative thoughts, I’ve come to believe I anyway use some sort of personal language to understand what you say and hear what you actually mean. Reason for that is you all have your personal language. Whether it is because you are specialized in a field or sector, or because you are sharing your experience as a leader, the way you share an information and the background information provided on your biographies builds a unique point of view to take into account.

Personal languages are sometimes hard to understand. This is what we need to learn to do if we want things like equality, diversity, creativity, innovation that makes sense. It’s not that we don’t know. But we’ve started to focus discussions on ourselves, and we have forgotten backgrounds and experiences can differ. And to be honest although doable not going down this road was extremely demanding. There comes moments when we think it is too demanding. This is where complaints win over solutions. The system is such that there finally is no other choice than conceding defeat and letting things go. In 50 years, humanity has killed half of living creatures on Earth. Just one of the horrific bottom lines of our productive complaints.

Take Charge
Take Charge

Jacques Attali, a French economist, has recently issued a book called “Devenir Soi“, Becoming yourself. It only takes a few lines to understand the background of the title: Jacques Attali has tried, he has tried his best, but nothing changed. Everyone is driven by diverging interests. It doesn’t work. Is it hopeless? No. Jacques Attali asks us to stop waiting on others. We’re all waiting on someone else. What if we didn’t? What if we moved? Exploring cultures, arts, history, revolutions, the author takes us on a journey that starts with a downturn to allow reconstruction and then helps us understand there is hope. All it takes is understanding who we are, this very unique combination of experiences, thoughts, failures and successes, why it’s good, how it can help, and where we go from there. Be the change.

It may be all fine that we took so much time looking at ourselves. May be it all had to get that bad. But that can only be for a tremendous change. If you know your personal language, then you can write your own program and start interacting with that world you want to create. I’ve read so many good examples of constructive will to challenge the world. Today’s were: Michael Allen’s “No room to fail, no room to innovate“, and David Meyer’s “Mozilla and Mobile Operators want to make the world more global and more diverse“. As you can see, there’s a lot of inspiring personal languages out there. I hope they can help us take charge.

Have a nice week end.

J.R. Camp

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