We Are Innovation because we have fun

Here is a guide for innovators wanting to have fun.

Rule 1: You shall be sixteen

Is the expression “sweet sixteen” in correlation with the fact that “we learn the truth at seventeen”? We wonder. In the meantime looking for truth is a inspiring quest for innovation, so let’s be sixteen. Let’s be like Doodle, turning 16 this month as Mashable reminds, full of art and fun, changing every day to commemorate present and past. Let’s also be sixteen like Ciara Judge, Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow who aim at “combating food crisis” by combining natural nitrogen-fixing bacteria with cereal crop it does not naturally associate with. Let’s also think we can celebrate future.


Rule 2: You shall break some rules

Why would you want a minimalist, sleek and shiny design device that everyone goes after when you can have a mechanical typewriter computer board? This will make you look so romantic. Which relates to rule 3.


Rule 3: You shall be romantic

Oh yes, the world is full of love. At 16. You know, a year before you “learn the truth”. What truth? Well, that world is indeed full of love. Just like the Erasmus programme, a European initiative that has a lengthy experience in supporting students from universities to study a year abroad. According to Le Monde, it gives them a valuable experience, not just for employment, but also because many of them find love abroad. And they make babies. How romantic…


Rule 4: You shall not be Y or X

Let’s not belong to a single generation. Break some rules and get in the middle, that’s where you can actually understand both. Don’t be a single letter, an X or a Y, challenge clichés and become a mixture, a disagreement. Let’s be like Sarah Stankorb, let’s be glad to be Xennials.


Rule 5: You shall bend things to see what happens

This is a dangerous rule.


But it can be fun. Imagine you could wear a device that could bend light. It makes you invisible.


Rule 6: You shall not work all the time

The MEDEF, a French trade union supporting business leaders, has recently advised to reduce the number of bank holidays to support the French economy. Here is Richard Branson’s “NNNNNNee” answer: “you shall have unlimited vacations”. Big vacations, and Big games provided by Big Data. So when you’re back in meetings, you can still hear a bit of music somewhere in your memories and better manage brainstorming sessions. Dream yourself as a comedian-innovator, Explore B2B says it works.


Rule 7: You shall learn from friends and strangers

Who are the strangest strangers? Monsters. They scare you, don’t they? Well they have management lessons for you.

Monsters Management Lessons from Pixar
Monsters Management Lessons from Pixar


Rule 8: You shall make future fun

Yes because fun is useless if unshared. So let’s share fun with the funniest ones, the youngest, and send learn-to-code computer kits, like Kano.


Rule 9: You shall make present fun

And suddenly lights become warmer, filled with colours, bright as the sun. A dancing fire, soft candlelight rising to the air. Times stops its restless race, and the dance begins. A round flight, and you, in the middle, discovering the world again. Smiling. Having fun.


Rule 10: You shall think of past fun

What’s your funniest oldest memory? I remember seeing at a tiny car parked in a slot near our home when I was 6. I told my brother: “Hey, they forgot half of the car!”, and couldn’t stop laughing. I later learnt these were cars for drivers with no license. And then I came across this fully electric car, right here with a license to make us smile.


Innovation is a lot of fun, it has to be. Who wants to do boring innovation? Who wants to buy boring innovation? It’s a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it. It does not really help when we need change. So go on, have some fun.


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