Why We Are Innovation, and not robots.

norobotsIn the near future, we may be wondering what makes us different from all these machines that can now combine power, knowledge, rapidity and some sort of intelligence of their own, some sort of experience, to work instead of us. If they can find the right words for the right events, analysing everything we say and the way we share it, if they can go up to create algorithms that can reflect feelings and emotions, what will make our work different from theirs? A question Jeremy Garner analysed in this article in Business Insider.

Here’s a few reasons shared on WAI social networks which show there are a few yet most important core reasons why we make better innovators than robots and machines. They are so much worth reminding the obvious.


Something about hope

These two young women have discovered a bacteria that could break down plastic and reduce pollution. They say: “We were curious, and bold. And we wanted to give it a go”. Hope as the juvenile will to “give it a go”, no matter how complex things may be. (Source: TED / Facebook)



Something about surprise

“Over the past few years, a small group of funders have begun to return to their roots by deliberately reintroducing innovation into their philanthropic processes and portfolios. They seek out ideas with transformative potential, take risks on less proven approaches, open themselves up to exploring new solutions, and recognize that innovation requires flexibility, iteration, and failure.” (Stanford Social Innovation Review). Sometimes we let ourselves be surprised because we take the risk of the unknown, and we accept the potential failure behind.


Something about humour

We care about how cats feel at work. And we are creative about it. Here’s the result, from CNET.com.


Something about reaching to others

We know everything we do have to connect us with each other. And we have the will to make a better world, with a very clear idea of what “better” means. Here is a global ethic platform delivering Global Civics courses, as pointed out by Policy Innovations Magazine.


Something about getting the big picture

We know innovation comes from elsewhere, that elsewhere that has no link with the issue we’re trying to focus on, that elsewhere that will make us think different. Why not dance? Following Innovation Excellence article will tell you more on how dancing could inspire innovation.


There may be an algorithm to generate all of the above, yet all of the above should make us believe we’d still find ways to bring a personal value to any elaborated algorithm. What’s yours?

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