Why we are innovation (a good point to clarify)

Logo WAI.001-001It does sound like a buzz word. You can count how many times you use it yourself, and be honest about the times you really knew why you specifically mentioned that 10-letter word.

Inside: it starts where it is, it has a background, it has a story, a reason to be, an awful list of barriers and constraints, a unique diversity of opportunities.

Individual: it’s people driven, there is someone behind the scene. Who? Why? And how do they manage to do this?

New: it goes somewhere new, which we can barely define but which we understand is (somehow) beneficial (to someone).

Action: it takes some steps to get there. Which ones? When? How? How realistic is our pathway to the new world, and do we have enough (strengths / knowledge / resources / courage, please select your own words) to start paving the way.

Now, it starts to look like a complex word. But in the end, it’s all very simple. It’s about you, where you’re from, where you’re heading to, and what it takes.

What’s innovating about your innovation? You.

I just want to meet you and say more about what you do, so people who like innovation also like you, share with you, learn from you, build with you, get to know you better.

Let’s put faces and stories on the buzz word and make it a bit more personal. Innovation has to make sense. Your sense.

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