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Travelling, Body and Soul

On The Go

WAI “On The Go” is your Friday innovation story inspired from elsewhere.   I recently came across a beautiful article about Yoga from the monthly printed version of Books magazine (in France). In this translated version of her article, Rebecca

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Innovation voices, who says what?


Innovation is being defined at all time by anyone on any point of this globe. The very singularity of innovation is that it is a concept which is always under construction and challenges status quo to build a path to

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We Are Innovation because we are diverse

Diversity and Innovation

Painful times of crisis, be it for the economy, politics, and the explosive mixture of it with systematic blaming of “others” rather than ourselves for failing to challenge the world we live in. Boundaries, frontiers, restrictions, issues, shortage, everyone is

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Global Challengers, Innovation Styles and Complexity


What are the innovation strategies used by BCG’s Global Challengers? BCG has recently published an updated list of Global Challengers, international companies from the BRICS which are showing healthy growth rates in incomes and employment. They have analysed new joiners’

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Why We Are Innovation, and not robots.

In the near future, we may be wondering what makes us different from all these machines that can now combine power, knowledge, rapidity and some sort of intelligence of their own, some sort of experience, to work instead of us.

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The Internet of Things. Of what, exactly?

WAI Innovation Index takes you through key market figures and facts for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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“Super size me”: The Big Data effect

Big Data makes everything bigger. Threats on security, planning potential, economies of scale, information to analyse, you get the super pack but you also have to super invest in smart technologies, and people. And then answer that specific question: what

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