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Travelling, Body and Soul

On The Go

WAI “On The Go” is your Friday innovation story inspired from elsewhere.   I recently came across a beautiful article about Yoga from the monthly printed version of Books magazine (in France). In this translated version of her article, Rebecca

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We Are Innovation because we are diverse

Diversity and Innovation

Painful times of crisis, be it for the economy, politics, and the explosive mixture of it with systematic blaming of “others” rather than ourselves for failing to challenge the world we live in. Boundaries, frontiers, restrictions, issues, shortage, everyone is

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Why We Are Innovation, and not robots.

In the near future, we may be wondering what makes us different from all these machines that can now combine power, knowledge, rapidity and some sort of intelligence of their own, some sort of experience, to work instead of us.

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Why we are innovation (a good point to clarify)

It does sound like a buzz word. You can count how many times you use it yourself, and be honest about the times you really knew why you specifically mentioned that 10-letter word. Inside: it starts where it is, it

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