InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Company cultures are described by innovation experts and analysts as evolving towards professional and social communities where individuals need to understand what their role and value are to maximise their impact while optimizing their personal development. As a result, innovation in future company cultures will be led by communities able to develop the human values and… Read More InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

The development of new ideas necessitates the appropriate inclusion of external resources that meets internally identified strengths and weaknesses within companies’ ability to deliver value. As a way to better identify and drive innovation, organizations need to revive their talent pools while properly adapt their approach to disruption and transformation. Whether leaders or challengers, mitigating risks… Read More Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

Next stop: Smart Cities

Initially outlined as a technological innovation opportunity, smart cities are now showing great potential to foster economic growth in regions spreading beyond major cities. Affecting all sectors and enabling private, public, government and citizen partnerships, the innovation impact of smart cities is a perfect example of potentially disruptive ecosystems being created to regenerate growth while… Read More Next stop: Smart Cities

Storytelling shapes the way we speak innovation

Market Roadmaps build market stories around specific trends and strategies. As a way to create human links between businesses, products and customers, leaders and innovation practitioners develop storytelling based strategies that are shaping new approach and messages sent to market. As business becomes slightly more personal, individuals are driven back at the heart of strategies… Read More Storytelling shapes the way we speak innovation

Innovation Index: Hadoop, the turning point

You can now find the full Innovation Index for Hadoop: market attractiveness, business model maturity, infrastructure and support, in below presentation. Key take aways Market There seem to be a lack of reality understanding, and although this so-called reality might include a range of risks to assess, companies and researches tend to push towards greater… Read More Innovation Index: Hadoop, the turning point

Open innovation vs. governance: the API equation to business agility

“Open innovation”: trying to use external developers with internal APIs to develop new services and new business, the intent is definitely here. But the API model is clearly going in a bottom-up direction against the existing top down investment/resources/organisational complexity/technological constraints that each company necessarily imbed in all initiative they drive, even if they do… Read More Open innovation vs. governance: the API equation to business agility