Digital Citizens with Human Needs

Elaborating a complex equation to define a humanly beneficial place to technology, analysts and experts unveil a prismatic impact of innovation on citizens daily lives. The combination of crowd level audiences and rising willingness to progress towards equality generates a momentum to express requirements as well as head towards common objectives. Using digital tools to spread… Read More Digital Citizens with Human Needs

Daily Pick : 4 reasons why language affects creativity

Languages shape our technological and cultural environment, affecting our creativity and innovation capabilities. Today’s selection of ideas shared on WAI networks highlights four different ways language affects our creativity. 1. Foreign languages open new cultures “In upper secondary education, 94% of all EU students will have English classes. Roughly 20% of students learn French or… Read More Daily Pick : 4 reasons why language affects creativity

The connected creativity

Below analysis summarizes this week’s most read articles under a single strategic story that defines our view of innovation. Innovation experts and analysts around the world shape innovation through organizations, universities, projects, ideas and communities. Under a collaborative effort to better drive change, innovation communities shape the story of our aspiration to build a sustainable future. Innovation connects experiences Throughout our technological… Read More The connected creativity

Daily Pick: 3 ways to catalyze change through networks and communities

By creating communities and developing collaborative approach to change, innovators outline critical attitudes to innovate towards a better world. They encourage to trigger emotional strengths, team emulation and continuous learning. Innovation communities and organizations develop programmes which develops their value in their ecosystem while encouraging individual engagement. Three mains drivers to generate collaborative change are highlighted in our… Read More Daily Pick: 3 ways to catalyze change through networks and communities

Next stop: Smart Cities

Initially outlined as a technological innovation opportunity, smart cities are now showing great potential to foster economic growth in regions spreading beyond major cities. Affecting all sectors and enabling private, public, government and citizen partnerships, the innovation impact of smart cities is a perfect example of potentially disruptive ecosystems being created to regenerate growth while… Read More Next stop: Smart Cities

Millennials: The Game Changing Generation ?

InnoTrends is a semantic analysis of specific trends as discussed and shared on WAI social networks. Over the last few weeks, we have investigated what makes the Generation Y so different in the eyes of innovation analysts, experts and practitioners. While connectedness and sense of engagement is highlighted by business experts, society explains how we… Read More Millennials: The Game Changing Generation ?

The Digital Challenge: politics and economics

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis for innovation based on trends shared by experts from our networks. Today we look at innovations talks for politics and economics. While governments in Europe start to build and invest in digitally driven initiatives to modernize democracy, economists question the potential opportunities and threats of the sharing economy,… Read More The Digital Challenge: politics and economics

Startups, people and ecosystems: success and reality

InnoGraph is an innovation trend explained through visual graphs.  The business world is in search of unicorns. Or is it? Startups are created throughout the world as a way to challenge existing business models and bring disruption as a market changer to develop growth. Because they showcase personal success stories grown in an accelerated environment,… Read More Startups, people and ecosystems: success and reality